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How to change your IP adresse:.?

Changing IP adresse is pretty easy and only possible to do if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers Dynamic IP adresses to their customers. Many people changes their IPs after they got banned somewhere and would like to join again. Also when they get attacked by someone having your IP. (If you are IP Range banned then you can start looking for a new ISP)
Remember: All IPs that you use have been logged, including time while using them by your ISP. Changing IP doesn't cover you up.
That's because same IP can be used by another customers in you area. If you want to surf anonymous i suggest you try PROXIES. I have written some about it in here too, search and find. You can change your IP in many ways, i'll start with the easiest one:
·                     1. Unplug your network cable and wait about 5 minutes before connecting it again. If this wont work then keep it unplugged over the night and try thr day after and you should resolve a new IP from your ISP.

·                     2. Go to Command Prompt and write     ipconfig /release      and then     ipconfig /renew        and you should get a new IP.
If this won't work then just release it on night and renew it in the morning and you should have a new IP.

·                     3: Here we will use a Program to change our IP. You will still have the same, but not when you surf the web. The Program is called  IP Changer Premium and can be found everywhere on the net. This will give you a random IP from a random country.

·                     4: This is the harder one and requires two computers using same ISP to FORCE the computer to change it's IP. You first ned to collect some info from the computer you are about to change the IP on (PC1) and then disconnect it from the net to write the new settings on the other computer (PC2). Write down the current IP adresse, netmask, standard-gateway and and two DNS you can find on PC1. Unplug now PC1s network cable and go to PC2. Goto controllpanel, network connections, double click on your connection and mark Internet Protocoll TCP/IP and press Options. mark Use the following IP and write down the settings that PC1 had. Before pressing OK, you need to wait atleast one minute after unplugging PC1 to the IP can completely free itself. Hit OK and wait. After this you should be connected (Sometimes you cannot use internet but you still have that IP, don't bother to care). Wait atleast 2 minutes before connecting PC1 again. When connecting PC1 it will tell you a IP conflict have been done and it will now search for another free IP. Wait for it till you can browse the webb with a new IP. You may have to restart PC1 for this to work also. When you have a new IP you go to PC2 and go to the setting window with the IPs. Choose to automaticly resolve IPs using DHCP and wait for it. PC2s IP may also be changed after this. But you will get a new IP for sure ;) If you have a Dynamic DNS, then don't forget to redirect it to your new IP.

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