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How to hack a limited computer for access to Registry Editor and Command Prompt:.

You need to atleast be granted permission to use Registry Editor and Command Prompt if you would like to start hacking. The easiest way is to create a textdocument and write "CMD" in it and then saving it as "cmd.bat". This will give the textdocument a new extension and you can access Command Prompt just by a doubleclick. If it won't work then simply write COMMAND instead of CMD.

If this doesn't work at all or you need to allow the use of REGEDIT and CMD you can just make your own registry file and run it on the computer. This will give you the rights to use them. Simply write this in a textfile:


Save it as test.reg and run the file. If it prompt a Yes or No message then simply press Yes. After that you should have access to Registry Editor and the  Command Prompt.
Note: If you cannot find the RUN button on your start menu then hold down the Windows key and press the letter R to show the RUN window.

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