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How to make the computer play your favorite song eachi time it starts... ?

IN this hack we will replace the standard windows login sound, which is very short and annoying :S This requires that the music file is on a WAVE format. If it's MP3/WMA or other filetype, you can download converters from the internet. Aqoustica Mixcraft converts most type of files and lets you cut and paste parts of the soundclip. Find it here:
You can easily download the DEMO version. We can make our own crack that gives us 99 days remaining instead of 2 weeks each time we press on it. Open a text document and paste this:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
Save it as crack.reg somewhere and run it, press yes if it ask you to add the key.

You now have a wave file, go to Start, controllpanel, sound and devices. Open the flap Sounds and mark Start windows. Change the soundfile usi9ng its browse-button. Choose yours and save everything. Try eather by logging out and then in again or restart your computer to hear the new windows login sound. Remember: it's wave files, only.

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