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Worlds Shortest Wordlist:

The following conceptions can be found in this guide. Here you will know what everything stands for. Browse the internet for more specific information about each conception.

·                     ISP:                             Internet Service Provider
·                     AP:                              Access Point (a.k.a Router)
·                     IP:                               Internet Protocol
·                     DOS                            Command Prompt / Disk Operating System
·                     DoS                             Denial of Service
·                     DDoS                          Distributed Denial of Service
·                     PoD                             Ping of Death
·                     BC                               BroadCast
·                     MGR:                          Messenger
·                     DC:                             Direct Connect
·                     SMTP:                         Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
·                     HTTP:                         HyperText Transfer Protocol
·                     HTML                         Hypertext Markup Language
·                     LAN:                           Local Area Network
·                     WLAN                                    Wireless Local Area Network
·                     WAN:                         Wide Area Network / World Area Network
·                     AV:                             Anti Virus
·                     RD:                             Re-direct
·                     RAM:                          Random Access Memory
·                     MS:                             MicroSoft
·                     DNS:                           Domain Name System
·                     FTP:                            File Transfer Protocol
·                     Net                              Network
·                     IGMP                          Internet Group Management Protocol
·                     BIOS                           Basic Input/Output System

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