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Create multiple icons with no name and folders with no icon. ..?

To create an icon with no name attached:
  1. Make sure NumLock is on
  2. Highlight the Icon you want to change
  3. Right-Mouse click and select Rename
  4. While holding down the Alt key, type 0160
  5. Now the icon will have no name below it.
To create multiple icons with no name ::
  1. Follow directions detailed above
  2. With the second icon simply add one space-bar character AFTER the 0160 number.
  3. Each successive icon gets an additional space-bar character at the end (to prevent a duplicate naming error).
Hide Folder icon ::
1. Select folder and right click  on it and click on properties.
2. Select customize tab and then change icon option.
3. Small window will appear. ypu will see different icons there. Now select the 13th icon in 2nd row or in 3rd row or in 4th row. Or select 14th icon in 1st row.
4. Our folder icon is no more visible.

NOTE :: Implementing both methods that is hide folder icon or icon with no name attached we can hide our folder.

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