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How to Download Desired Torrent file with IDM! [High Speed]...?

Downlaod Desired (preferred) Bit-torrent computer file with IDM!! [High Speed]
Steps to Follow:
a) First of all , you have to download the torrent file with the extension .torrent which you wish to download...!
b). Then open up the browser page and go to and post the torrent computer file that you have just downloaded and click on the cache button..,,!
c). This provides you with a new torrent computer file . You just have to copy the address (url) of the new torrent computer file from the newly opened up browser window..,,..!
d). Then visit to the web page these days) or (preferable) or make an user account (in case you do not have one) and sign in to your Account. Then paste the address(url) of the new torrent acquired in step (c) and push the Get Button.,.,,...!
e) Now you will get the list of available Downloadable Files present in that torrent computer file. Then press on the begin bittorrent transmission button. This will provide full choice to download the desired file. Just press on any weblink and you can see the Internt download manager-IDM coming out for downloading the computer file.,.,.!!
Have a awesome dayy,,,,now enjoy downloading with IDM for donwloading torrents files as well…!!!

You can download directly from the without using any  torrent client (but it would not be through IDM )...
Visit the above mentioned website search the content and download it as shown in the image below..

Latest Way:--->>>
You can download it using Internet Download Manager. Yes, but how?
1. Go first to this site.
Go Here-
Then you have to register, click on Sign Up
2. In front of “Ident”, type your username
In front of “email”, type, you guess what, your email, a valid one!
Then enter the capcha and click on “Create my Account”
3. They will send you an email with your password. In French the password is called “mot de passe”. The password they give to you is a chain of letters and numbers. Copy this password and go back to the website. Click on My Account and just log in with youremail and the password.
4. Once you are log in, a page with your information is displayed. Click on my downloads. That’s where you are going to put your torrent file to be downloaded on their website. First you have to download the link of the file you want, to your computer. Go to any torrent website, for example Thepiratebay.organd download the link (it should look like this:
Save it somewhere. Go back to the website, you are still on the page of downloads. Click on “Browse”, find your saved file and click on . You are done! When the torrent is readyto be downloaded you will see “completed” in front of you torrent. Click on your torrent you will open a page with the link to download at the end of the page under yourfiles, just right click the link and download with idm! You can resume the download for 48 hours.
Credits to awinahe of Symbianize of Zit Torrent
Note: ZbigZ, Zitorrent and Bitlet.orgare the same in tricks.

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