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How to Hack a Yahoo Password.?

Every day, a lot of people contact me about suspecting their boyfriend or girlfriend of cheating, and ask me how to hack their Yahoo password so that they can investigate the truth about their partners.
If you are in a similar situation or just wondering to know how to hack a Yahoo password, this post can surely help you out.

Hacking Yahoo Password: Is it Really Possible?

Yes! As a matter of fact, it is possible to hack almost any email password. But, before I tell you the real and working ways, the following are the things you should be aware of:
  1. Never trust any hacking service that claims to hack Yahoo or any other email password for just $100 or $200. In most cases they will rip off your pockets with false promises.
  2. Sometimes, they may even start blackmailing you that they will inform the victim or the cyber crime department about your hack attempt. So, to be on the safer side it is always better to stay away from such scam websites.
 I can tell you that the following are the only FOOLPROOF TECHNIQUES to hack Yahoo password:

1. Keylogging: Easiest Way to Hack Yahoo Password

Using a keylogger is the easiest way to hack email or any other password. A keylogger is a small program that records each and every keystroke (including passwords) that a user types on a specific computer’s keyboard.
A keylogger is also called as a spy program or spy software. The special thing about keylogger is that anyone with a basic knowledge of computer should be able to install and use it. The following are the key advantages of using a keylogger:
    Keylogger programs operate in a total stealth mode that makes it impossible to detect its presence. Hence, you can relax and stop worrying about being traced back.
    In addition to installation on a local computer, Keylogger programs also support remote installation. That means, you can install it even on those computers for which you do not have physical access.
    Once installed on the target computer, the keylogger captures all the keystrokes (including passwords) and the logs are continuously uploaded to the servers. You can access the logs from your web browser from any place at any time to obtain the password.
With my experience, I recommend the following keylogger as the best for your password hacking needs:

SniperSpy is a revolutionary product that will allow you to easily access *ANY* online account or password protected material such as MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail.

FAQs About SniperSpy:

I don’t have physical access to the target computer, what can I do?
You need not worry! As SniperSpy offers Remote Installation Feature, it is possible to remotely install it on the target computer even if you do not have physical access to it. However, local installation is also supported.
Does SniperSpy collect any personal information from me?
SniperSpy does not collect any personal information from its users. Your privacy is totally guaranteed!
Is SniperSpy trustworthy?
SniperSpy is backed by thousands of trusted users across the world over the last ten years. It is a software program developed by Retina-X Studios, LLC. which is one of the reputed company in United States.
What are the other features of SniperSpy software?
  • With SniperSpy, you can gain access to any password protected account including Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MySpace, Facebook etc.
  • This software will not only capture passwords, but will also take screenshots and record chat conversations.
What are the supported operating systems?
SniperSpy is fully compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac.
You can grab SniperSpy from the link below:
Download SniperSpy – for Windows and Mac
With the increased popularity of mobile devices, many users have now started to access the Internet from their cell phones. In this case, you will have to go for the mobile version of the above program called Mobile Spy:
Download Mobile Spy – for Mobile Devices
Supported Phones: Supports BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Apple iPads, iPods, Android tablets and Symbian phones!

2. Other Ways To Hack Yahoo Password

The other most commonly used trick to hack Yahoo password is by using a fake login Page (also called as Phishing). Today, phishing is the most widely used technique to hack Yahoo password. A fake login page is a page that resembles the login pages of sites like Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook etc. The victim is tricked to believe this fake login page to be the real one. But once the user enters the password there, the login details end up falling in the hands of the hacker.
Phishing can be very effective when implemented successfully. But creating a fake login page and taking it online to make the hack attempt successful is not an easy job. It demands an in depth technical knowledge of HTML and scripting languages like PHP and PERL.
Carrying out a phishing attack is a criminal offense and if caught, one can be behind the bars! So, if you are a novice computer user with a very basic knowledge, I recommend the use of keyloggers as the best way to hack Yahoo password.
None of the email hacking methods other than those mentioned above are known to work successfully. So, if you come across any other method it should either be an obsolete one or just a scam.

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