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Local Facebook Phishing WebPage-change the name of your localhost ..?

It is very simple to follow. This is for windows users only.

Steps to follow:
1.Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
2. Find the file named
3.Open the file with notepad. can see there like this: localhost

5.Change the localhost to anything you like.
For ex: you can change it to "".
6. save the file

Now start the wamp or xamp server and enter the in browser
you will see the localhost homepage.

Why not?-You can hack your friends.
I have told that this is not hacking trick. But you can use this also for hacking your friend/lover.(in tamil "siru thrumpum pal kutha uthavum", i don't know how to say it in english)

Do you know how?
As i said change the localhost to
change your localhost homepage as facebook or gmail phishing web page.
So now the local phishing webpage is ready to hack your friend/lover/spouse(sounds crazy ?)
if he enter the in your pc. He can see your local phishing page only.
so their passwords is in your hands.
Try some "under construction " or anyother error message so that they will not suspect you.

Actually i just give idea only. If you think that you can become funny and best hacker,then add your own ideas and hack them.

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