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Information Gathering

Information Gathering Is initial process as far as hacking & investigation is concerned.
It is the process of profiling any organization system , server or an individual using methodological procedure.Information gathering is used by attacker as well as investigator to get more information about targe.

Information Gathering using Search engine:
Attacker will gather information about the system, operating system,about vulnerable application running on them & later on exploit it. Investigator will gather information on how he got an access to system & where he left his/her footprint behind on the same system & later on traced it. Search engine are most powerful tool to search
 about any individual, organization & system 

 Following are the list of top 10 search engines:
Google Search –World‟s most powerful search engine:
Yahoo Search:

MSN Live Search:

AOL Search:

 Ask Search:

 Altavista Search:

 Fast Search :

 Gigablast :

Snap Search: 

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